Fairview Business Association

Business Building Community

The Fairview Business Association was formed by land owners and business owners concerned about the affects of local regulations on the local business environment.

To address these concerns,  the Association works to reduce existing regulations and to limit the scope of new regulations.

The Association also provides a B2B opportunity for existing business and businesses considering our community.

A vibrant business community will employ more local employees and better serve the needs of our community which we call home...

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The Fairview Business Association Meeting is held on the third Tuesday of each month at a local restaurant.

Meeting Time:  11:30 to 1pm

About Us

The Fairview Business Association (FBA) is a group of business owners and managers together with commercial land owners in Fairview who seek to promote the interests of businesses within the City of Fairview.

I. The Goals of the FBA are:

a-Influence local and regional government

-limit the impact of existing and proposed regulations on local businesses;

-work to promote regulations and ordinances that support local businesses;

-support land use initiatives to facilitate the development of commercial properties;

-support education opportunities that encourage employee advancement.

b-Market & Grow local businesses in Fairview

-Work towards improved signage for Fairview businesses;

-Communicate the business impacts in Fairview:

-number of businesses

-number of employees

-Support the expansion of businesses within Fairview;

-Encourage new businesses to locate in Fairview.

c-Business to Business Marketing to expand commercial ties within Fairview and to build local business activity.

d-Focus on pro-business initiatives within the community.

II. Membership Benefits:

a-Business to Business Access;

b-Business Marketing via FBA website;

III. Membership Fees:

Annual dues are $100.

IV. Membership to FBA is open to the following:

a-Owners of businesses operating within the City of Fairview;

b-Managers of local business operating within the City of Fairview;

c-Owners of commercial land within the City of Fairview.

V. Meetings occur monthly on the third Tuesday of each month between

11:30 am – 1:00 pm at a local restaurant.

Each quarter one of the monthly meetings will include a presentation by a local official or business group about an initiative or regulation that will impact local business or land development.